Who knew you had to know football to practice medicine in Last Chance?

Last Chance Hero


It’s not that Dr. Jessica MacLeod hates football; it’s just that she’s never in her life seen a game–or wanted to. But that doesn’t fly in Last Chance, where football is king and where the best athlete Last Chance High ever produced has come home to coach the team.

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  1. Katrina Epperson September 8, 2015 #

    What a beautiful cover! It takes me back to my high school day. Cool temps., bright lights and the much anticipated first football game. I loved this story. It’s a very sweet romance with complex characters you fall in love with.

  2. Judith Gargano November 28, 2015 #

    Just finished the series. I thought #4 was it, but the book didn’t tie up the loose ends, so I’m hoping there will be #5!

  3. Lee January 19, 2016 #

    What is the name of book number 4?? I’m trying to find it.

    • Cathleen Armstrong January 19, 2016 #

      Book 4 is Last Chance Hero. It’s available both in Ebook and paperback. Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Ellen February 6, 2016 #

    Hello dear lady. I so appreciate your imagination and talent to write it down for us to enjoy.
    I’ve finished the four Last Chance books (A Place to Call Home series). All nicely done; each with a little something I didn’t see coming. But wait…isn’t there more?
    Will Andy and Jess be more? Will there be more babies with the marriages? How long can we keep Gran? What’s up with the Anderson family? Will Gabe go to college? Will he come back to Last Chance or even to San Ramon as a doctor? Will Zach make it to Arizona to college? What career path will he take?
    Am I missing something…who was the dark haired man who walked into the game with Gabe? Oh, dear lady, you’re not done writing yet are you?

  5. Elaine February 8, 2016 #

    Just finished book #4 Last Chance Hero. And I, like the others here, was left wanting more. Too many loose ends and questions that need answering. I love your writing and living in NM myself I can relate to the small town feel and all of the chile references. πŸ™‚ I am anxiously waiting for book #5 release – I hope there is one coming. There is so much more left to the story. Don’t leave your fans hanging!!

  6. Tina April 14, 2016 #

    I’m ready for your next book. There are so many things left unanswered! I’ve really enjoyed your series

  7. Sandra Hagberg November 10, 2016 #

    I agree with many of the others. Have really loved the books and am waiting for 5, and maybe 6?

  8. Shelley B. December 27, 2016 #

    I LOVE this series!! Please keep them coming!

  9. Linda March 5, 2017 #

    I loved this series! I am agreeing with the others…I just finished #4 and would love to see another one.

  10. Jennifer November 25, 2017 #

    I agree. Please add more to this series. πŸ™‚

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